Cory is a polyglot, interpreter and language instructor.

He is passionate about sharing his 30+ years of language learning experience with others. He has worked as a professional interpreter in English and Spanish since 1994. He has worked as an educational interpreter, medical interpreter and also a court interpreter. He has taught English, Spanish and interpreting for many years. Teaching is one of his many passions. He has also taught gymnastics, dance and music. He loves sharing his knowledge with others.


On this site you will find language learning tips, resources, lessons, books and audio downloads.

Keep these things in mind while on your language learning journey:

Be prepared for the long haul. You can't attain high levels of fluency overnight. Your native language took years and years to develop (thousands and thousands of hours of practice).

Think of language learning like building a house. It doesn't happen overnight.

Language learning is also like a garden. You must water it, cultivate it and only in due time will you reap the harvest.

The key is passion and commitment.

Don't give up.

Be willing to grow and change.

Be ready for setbacks and disappointments.

Be pro-active in your learning.

Explore the language. You need to have intellectual curiosity.

Seek out knowledge passionately.

Take risks (talk to people about difficult subjects).




Cory is an INCREDIBLE teacher. In fact, more than a teacher, I feel I've found my Spanish spirit guide on this path to fluency. Becoming proficient at any language requires a ton of real, intentional work. But that doesn't at all mean that it can't also be extremely fun and rewarding. It can be difficult to find your own direction in self-study, especially in developing languages, so having someone like Cory to help guide and remind me where I can best invest my practice and effort has been essential to my progress. I'm so excited to continue studying with him, highly recommended to all!!


Cory is an awesome and impressive teacher. He is capable of engaging an amazing conversation within minutes and he makes you feel comfortable this way you speak more and you improve a lot since the first class. His methodology is impressive and gives you lots of strategies in order to improve your English in many aspects of your life. He gives you motivation and the drive you need to achieve more, that makes you feel unbelievably better! Also, he helps you to develop and improve your self-confidence. I'm definitely going to continue my English course with him. I can't recommend him enough!



I never considered becoming a professional interpreter until I met Cory. He encouraged me to develop my skills and prepared me for the medical & court interpreter certification exams which I passed. I’ve been working as a professional interpreter for 13 years and it’s a very fulfilling career. Cory has helped me to be aware of all of the resources that exist which can help me improve my fluency and has shown me the importance of using every moment to improve my languages. He still motivates me to increase my knowledge and linguistic abilities. If you want to reach the next level, Cory can help!

Discover the language / Explore the Language / It's an Adventure / Enjoy the journey.

Seek language acquisition as a life-long endeavor.

Experience the language.

Assimilate the language.

Live the language.

Imitate the language.

Become part of the language.

Apply the language.

Adopt the language (become a language user and not a foreign language speaker).

Be alert to different aspects (phrasing, intonation, rhythm, vocabulary and many nuances).

Seek to fill in your gaps (especially for interpreters).

Continually work to improve (vocabulary, grammar, accent, comprehension).

Be willing to evolve and change.

Don't just study a little bit every day. Go for it and immerse yourself all day in the right environment.

Find a language partner and have them identify your weaknesses and improve them.

Even native speakers have difficulty in certain areas.

Your weaknesses may become your greatest strengths.

Use every resource available!

Here are my three favorites sayings:

  • 1

    Where there's a will, there's a way

  • 2

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained

  • 3

    Seek and you will find

  Give a man to fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.  

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